First 10 strokes: Wow! I'm going so fast I've got this!
Next 20 strokes: omg, I think I'm going to die, please someone send a paramedic!
Gets too 500m mark: Ok, focus, just pace yourself!
750m: Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, omg my legs are burning.
1000m: I can't breathe, omg.
Oncoming bend: Oh shit, someones fecking capsized on the bend *rows around them almost decapitating the sculler in the water*
1250: Oh crap there's a safety launch heading towards me at full speed.
Safety launch goes past: Nice one twat just wash me out!
Next 2000: Why do I even row! I'm quitting today. No jokes.
Last 250: omg I can see the line! You've got this, push, push, pushhhhhhhhh!
Finish: Dies.
Next days: turns up to training as normal.
Friend: Rowing isn't even a hard sport, your just sat down, moving your arms *does kayaking action*
Me: We are no longer friends
My club needs more rowers like this!

My club needs more rowers like this!

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How cute is this!

How cute is this!

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